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Local Attractions

Le parc du Reynou
le Vigan, Limoges
exotic animal park near the pretty medieval village of Solignac 
| Admission charge | Opening Times: Apr-Sep:daily; Oct-Mar: Wed, Sat & Sun | Tel: +33 (0)5 55 00 40 00

l'aquarium du Limousin

 In the eerie setting of Limoges’ former subterranean water reservoirs, come and discover the fabulous diversity of the world of Neptune, meeting as you
go the inhabitants of Earth’s furthest oceans and mightiest rivers! 
An extraordinary "voyage" past the astonishing fish that patrol the deeps of
Africa, or the tiniest, yet most vivacious, living jewels from the waters of
Asia, to the notoriously intimidating piranhas surging from the heart of
Complete your odyssey in enchantment by tropical seas that teem
with an incessant ballet of multicoloured throngs. Enthralling!"

Lake Vassivière (Vaciviéra in Occitan ) is a French artificial lake of 9.76 km² which was created by the construction of a dam on the Mauldeto the release of his valley framed by two hills, the perfect place to build a dam. The largest lake in the Limousin and one of the largest artificial lakes in France , it is located northwest of Millevaches , in a thick forest in the departments of Creuse and the Haute-Vienne , and near the Corrèze .

Lake Vassivière is the first leisure center and sports area [ref. required] at the heart of a preserved and hilly nature of moorland and heathland, including 45 kilometers of shoreline, five supervised beaches, all water sports ( water skiing , sailing, fishing ...) and nature (biking, walking, hiking with donkeys pack , horse, mushrooms ...), various accommodation (hotels, campgrounds, cottages, houses ...).


Swimming pool in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, France

Address: 8 Avenue Léon Blum, 87400 Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, France

Phone+33 5 87 22 99 10

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