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1. Two carp rods only and 1 float or pole per Angler


2. Strictly no Shelf-Life baits allowed as free offerings.


3.  No Barbless Hooks only micro barbed or barbed then you must please pinch the barb down with pliers that includes for micro barbed hooks, no long             shanked and no straight points please use curved points and a minimum of Size 4. We recommend you use a short shank wide gape variety such as                       Korda wide gape, Nash Fang Gaper and other similar patterns as these are less likely to tear out of the fish’s mouth when playing them the reason for                     this is that these are very hard fighting fish.


4. Every Angler fishing for carp must treat all carp caught before returning them to the water. We provide Propolis for the treatment of all wounds on mouth and body please apply to cotton wool or kitchen roll then after drying the area on the fish that needs treatment apply moderately do not put it directly onto the fish.


5. Minimum Line for carp 15lb main line (minimum 20lb hook link),  Important: please check your mainline each day as it’s more than likely that it will need         at-least 5-10metres stripping due to the abrasive nature of the lake.


6. No braid to be used as mainline only mono but you must use hook-link braid preferably a coated variety for your hook links.


7. No mono hook-links only braid hook links (preferably coated) as we have found that these are safer.


8. All unhooking mats, weigh slings and landing nets are provided by Saint Amand Leisure for guests to use. Under no circumstances should anglers bring their own equivalent tackle on to the fishery.  IMPORTANT: when lifting fish out please put the weigh sling under your net once the fish is in your landing net role the top of the net then slide the sling under the net with fish in it you can tilt the sling so to tip out all excess water before trying to lift out. We realise that some swims will be easier to do this in than others Christophe will demonstrate when you arrive this is to protect the fish from ripped dorsal fins etc.


9. Safe rigs only your lead must be able to come off your mainline if it were to break


10. Minimum line for float 5lb ( minimum 3lb hook link) not to be used with carp baits i.e boilie or pellet you can use corn



11. All used glass, tins, hooks, including rigs, baiting needle must be kept in a bucket or other solid container with a lid.


12. Fishing is strictly only allowed from designated swims


13. No keep nets or carp sacks can be brought on to the fishery by guests. We can provide you with keep nets for silver fish and tench when float fishing( Fish must be released within 6 hours no carp to be kept in keep nets no matter what the size).


14. The use of all nuts as bait is strictly forbidden. 



15. No bent hooks or long-shanked hooks are to be used under any circumstances. 


16. No Swimming 


17. No Bait Boats allowed.


18. The onsite rowing boat can only be used by our on-site bailiff Christophe. This should solely be for the purpose of un-snagging fish do not pull for a break if you do get snagged by a fish.


19. Do not leave your swim without reeling in your rods max distance you can be is 30yards.


20.  No lead core or leaders of any type are to be used under any circumstances.  



21. Strictly No litter this includes, fag buts, teabags, line etc.


22. No baited rods to be left unattended, If unattended bait must be removed from rigs and hooks attached to 1 of your rods rings.



23. No fires


24. If using any kind of quick link on hook-links you must cover these with rubber sleeves so they can’t catch on nets so as to protect nets and fish.


25. If you hook the landing nets you must cut the hooks not the nets.


26. Persons fishing at Saint Amand Leisure do so at their own risk. Saint Amand Leisure and/or its employees cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers/guests or their possessions, however caused, whilst on the premises. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing before entering/fishing at Saint Amand Leisure.

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